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How to convert old script to declarative schema / data patch without breaking any data?

you can try things like taking DB backup , and after converting the setup scripts to declarative schema you will eventually run setup:upgrade , by that time you can try this command like = bin/magento ...
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Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long when running setup:upgrade

The limit for UTF8 is 767/3 = 255 characters, for UTF8m see reference here With this in mind, I'd ensure that these title fields are less that 255 together. How about changing from varchar(300) to ...
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php bin/magento setup:upgrade SHOW ERROR : Connection "default" is not defined

You can check do these: - Information Provided in the env is correct - Elastic Search is working properly or not - Check the mode - Check the core_config_table
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