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Add Custom Link to Sales Order View Admin Panel

You would not want (admin users) to manually modify the URL to access that action, because URL in Admin also comes with a cryptic form key at the end. Messing up with that will cause the following ...
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How to get tax name

If you're running Community edition 1.6+, the catalog module has a very nice method to get tax name without loading the entire product. Here is how to achieve it: $_resource = $this->getProduct()-&...
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Magento2 product_options field into the sales_order_itmes table

In Magento 2, the super_attribute is an array that appears in the info_buyRequest object when a product with configurable options is added to the cart. The super_attribute array contains the selected ...
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Ghost orders in Magento 2.4.2

Here are some steps you can take to investigate the issue: Check the Magento order logs: Check the Magento order logs to see if there are any errors or issues related to the missing orders. You can ...
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Adding an Extension Attribute to Sales Order Items - Magento 2

Try below. $items = $order->getItems(); foreach ($items as $item){ $extension_attribute_value = $item->getProduct()->getOrderItemsExtensionAttributes(); } But I dont think this is the ...
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How to create order using REST API?

Complete Order Flow for Guest and LoggedIn Customer Using REST API Guest 1. Create Empty Cart End Point = http://magento.local/en-uae/rest/V1/guest-carts Method = POST Output = token(...

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