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Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID (#10412: Duplicate invoice)

I think, this issue accrues when we have multiple instance of website. In case you have multiple development instance of website. You need to allow "Accept Duplicate Invoice" from Paypal. In order ...
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Recurring.php and RecurringData.php

I've found this from online sources: The recurring scripts are executed after any module setup. If a module needs to do something everytime other modules are installed it can do it via the recurring ...
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Area code is already set: while set:upgrade command in RecurringData.php magento 2

I don't know this is the rightway or not but it's solution is in /var/www/html/magento231(your magento root directory)/bin/magento open this file add after <?php below line echo "\...
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Magento Subscription or Recurring payment

As of April 2016: Unlike Magento 1 (which had Recurring Profiles), Magento 2 does not include any kind of subscription or recurring payment functionality out of box. This may change in the future, ...
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Area code is already set: while set:upgrade command in RecurringData.php magento 2

I've seen this happen if extension console scripts are written in a certain way that was fine under previous versions. But that means that you've got to disable and reenable console scripts from third ...
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Area code is already set: while set:upgrade command in RecurringData.php magento 2

File: vendor/magento/framework/App/State.php in this function public function setAreaCode($code) try { $appState->setAreaCode('frontend'); } catch (...
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Create/Update static block programmatically in magento2

It seems like there are duplicate cms block available with different store. This error occurred from this file : vendor\magento\module-cms\Model\ResourceModel\Block.php /** * Perform operations ...
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Create/Update static block programmatically in magento2

Set Block Id when you update the content. if (!$customBlock->getId()) { $this->blockFactory->create()->setData($contentBlock )->save(); } else { $customBlock->setId($...
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Redirect custom recurring payment method to payment gateway after order is placed in Magento 1

I encountered the exact same issue and I approached it in a different manner. I created an observer for the checkout_submit_all_after event and inside the the observer I check if any recurring ...
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How to test magento native Paypal Express recurring profile and order creation in Magento 1?

Just check once if IPN handler URL is like: http://SITE_BASE_URL/index.php/paypal/ipn/index/ To set IPN URL: Log in to your Paypal account Navigate to your Account's summary page. Scroll down and ...
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How to edit the Recurring profiles page?

You can find the path of the recurring profiles block in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/sales/recurring_profile.xml <sales_recurring_profile_index> ... <...
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"No payment method" appears in checkout page for product with recurring profile

Magento supports recurring profiles only for PayPal payment system through the Express Checkout method only as default payment option that's why you are not able to see Braintree payment method on ...
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