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Magento 2 - Cannot find field "newsletter_enabled" on type StoreConfig pwa-studio

Your magento vendor newsletter graphql module schema.graphqls file vendor/magento/module-newsletter-graph-ql/etc/schema.graphqls not having StoreConfig graphql type StoreConfig @doc(description: &...
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Magento PWA vs Scandi PWA vs Vue Storefront

I have worked on scandi. It easy to develop and customize but now scandi community is not as much active as they were before. Perhaps they are busy in developing something new. You can go for scandi ...
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Add custom serviceworker file in PWA Venia React frontend

Create the custom service worker file: You can create a new file named sw.js in the src/ServiceWorker directory of your project. Add the code into sw.js file var config = { apiKey: 'AyBkeG8-...
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