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Products are not visible at frontend Magento 2

Please check elasticsearch status. service elasticsearch status service elasticsearch start php bin/magento indexer:reindex php bin/magento c:f
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Magento 2 - Error after setting Varnish host and port in purges when trying to save modifications to a product

I'd like to refer to https://www.varnish-software.com/developers/tutorials/configuring-varnish-magento/ as an additional source of information. It contains more Varnish-specific information. In terms ...
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How I can get products using multiple skus?

There are Multiple Ways to get products using multiple skus in Magento2. Some Repository Basics To get a Single product from a repository use get To get a list of products from a repository use ...
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How I can get products using multiple skus?

The get method in the Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository class is used to retrieve a single product. To retrieve multiple products, you need to use the getList method. The implementation should ...
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How to write custom validation rules for Magento 2 product import CSV data?

Add the following code in di.xml <type name="Magento\CatalogImportExport\Model\Import\Product\Validator"> <arguments> <argument name="validators" xsi:...
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PDP page customise if open from qr code

To differentiate between whether a product is opened from a QR code scan or from the list page, you can pass a unique parameter in the URL when the QR code is scanned. Something like this, https://www....
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M2.4 - How to add OG tag for categories?

You can use the ready-made extension by which you can add the OG tags on any page from Admin. extension link: https://magefan.com/magento-2-open-graph-extension-og-tags/?aff=...
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SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails

If you're running it on Magento Cloud, it's recommended to disable synchronous_replication in your .magento.env.yaml. The product changes or CSV import causes an integrity constraint violation when ...
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