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Magento 2.3.1 - Issue with catalog search when using php7.2-fpm

You might want to look at this Github issue here. Magento is compiling a list of product IDs to send as a cache header but the header ends up being too long because the header string includes all ...
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10 votes

Magento -site not opening after CLI -installation

So this solved this for me, thank you @Steve Johnson. Edited php.ini file: session.save_handler = files ;session.save_path = "/tmp" --> session.save_handler = files session.save_path = "var/www/...
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5 votes

Magento -site not opening after CLI -installation

Thank you so much this also helped me fix my problem... I had used the free Softaculous Installer via my cPanel to install Magento v2.2.6 It said the installation was successful but when trying to ...
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4 votes

support for PHP-PM?

This is an very interesting project you found there, I saw several of this kind over the last I think 8 years. The performance gains are indeed quite good. In general Magento2 should support PPM (...
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Different PHP-FPM Pools for frontend and backend using Apache2

sure you just read how it works in here: then in apache frontend vhost config you add something like this: <VirtualHost> ...
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1 vote

Magento Paypal onAuthorization error on return to success page

After a month of debugging, we were able to find the cause of the problem. The issue was that backend process took 5 minutes to complete. For some reason the order confirmation email of Magneto took 4 ...
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1 vote

Magento Enterprise - Ongoing Redis Connection Errors

You might try checking for network connection limits. We've seen that happen before where something opens a TON of connections to Redis, and stops further connections, then goes away on its own. The ...
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1 vote

MAMP: how to start php-fpm?

This seems to be an old topic but I stumble over it quite often. In my case, first I made sure the ports are properly setup : Then make sure PHP mode is switched to CGI mode: Add your domain/host ...
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1 vote

MAMP: how to start php-fpm?

Php-fpm is a separate service....when working with Apache the 'traditional' convention was to use mod_php, which would basically inject Php into the Apache process with that setup, you ...
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Magento -site not opening after CLI -installation

check app/etc/env.php and remove line - SESSION save_path
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Magento -site not opening after CLI -installation

edit /app/etc/env.php file 'session' => [ 'save' => 'files', 'save_path' => 'D:\wamp64\www\projectName\var\session' // put full directory path ], it worked fine!
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