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Magento 2: How to set VaultProvider?

After some R&D I got the solution myself. First I created a class in my module: namespace VendorName\ModuleName\Model\Payment; class Payflowpro { public function __construct( \Magento\...
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Magento 2 : Enable only Paypal Payflow Pro

Update your payment settings by completing the following steps. Select Configure under Payflow Pro. Select Basic Settings - PayPal Express Checkout to show more options. Select Advanced Settings to ...
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magento-paypal payflow-pro- test credit/debit card works with live mode

I have got response from paypal support team and they had an issue whereby some of the processed transaction is not appearing in their PayPal account. their developers fixed it and it's working ...
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My Magento 2.1.5 is missing PayPal All-In-One Payment Solutions

Look under "Braintree" all the way to the right. There should be some blue text saying "Other Paypal Payment Solutions". Click that to expand a section where you'll see all the other PayPal ...
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PayPal Pro Direct Payment using Credit Card

I assume that you're doing this on a Magento 2.x site? One of the key things that was done with Magento 2 was a streamlining of the checkout process. The less you need to ask for, the faster a ...
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Magento 2 Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution - "Pending Payment" order is created before completing the checkout process

What we are doing for Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution is we retain cart items when user clicks on Continue button. However, it has some other issues. When user refreshes the page or visit any ...
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How to solve Paypal 10548 Error

Issue PayPal returned API error code 10548 - Invalid Configuration. This transaction cannot be processed. Causes This error usually occurs if you don't have a business account. You must have a ...
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Magento 2 - PayPal Payments Pro changed

Now, the Payment Pro solution is deprecated and uses Payflow as payment gateway, because this approach is required by PayPal
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The requested Payment Method is not available in magento order grid backend

Try the following (ordered by the effort it would take, if one step does not help you, take the next one) Check the allowed countries that you can configure for each payment method in the admin ...
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