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To check the patches available you can run this command below, but I recommend checking with your Magento Cloud support first. ./vendor/bin/ece-patches status You will see: Patch's ID Title Type (Custom, Optional or Required) Status (Applied or not) Details Applying it To apply it, you just need to add the patches ID in the .magento.env.yaml file, like ...


Magmi Using magmi tool you can easily import update products. 1.Copy magmi to your root directory and unzip it as ( 2.Give permission 705 or 777 to this directory (sudo chmod 705 -R /var/www/html/magmi) 3.Browse to 4.configure Global ...


Try removing the patch (deleting it manually) from your composer.json file , delete the patch file under patches/composer/PatchName and then run composer install .

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