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OAuth-based authentication getting issue

You are using wrong path for ./vendor/autoload.php Replace this code require './vendor/autoload.php'; With: require '../vendor/autoload.php';
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Magento 2.4.3 UPS integration now that UPS requires OAuth?

For anyone else that runs into this, you'll need to contact UPS API support. They will send you the legacy link (which is no longer posted in their developerkit page) to request an access key - ...
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How to call Magento 2 Oauth 1.0 API for services without Callback & Identity URL?

Update: I have 2 options for you. Option 1: Improved version of Magento's OAuth demo scripts I have created a demo OAuth 1.0a application which can receive tokens from Magento 2.x:
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Oauth 2.0 in Magento 2.2 with how to access the token

Magento 2 is compliant Oauth 1.0a only
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