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Hi I have setup 3 sub directories for my stores and added symlinks each with app, pub, var, lib folders. ex: /root/store1 (/app, /pub, /var, /lib ) /root/store2 (/app, /pub, /var, /lib ) /root/store3 (/app, /pub, /var, /lib ) However, there's no way to edit the css style of /root/store1/css separately style with other stores. Everytime, I edit store1 css, ...


please try to Magneto root second domains name folder link "domain2" in index.php file create and this code try to.Please check link


You cannot translate content in CSS files. The easiest way around this is to translate the text in the template and use the attr() function to retrieve the translated value: Add a data attribute: data-label="<?= $escaper->escapeHtml(__('Price')); ?>" And access this in your CSS: content: attr(data-label)


i have checked your requirement. You should use like below. Use getStoreLabel() ,instead of getFrontendLabel() or getDefaultFrontendLabel() Please use like above and let me know if you have any query.

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