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Scripts shared on the Internet usually allow simple product migration, while there are more elements of an online store that you would also want to accurately migrate. This extension is very cost-efficient if you are on a tight budget:


1st: If you have different domain name, then you need to update your domain name in database before upload on new server. 2nd: after transfer files on new server, Open this file app/etc/env.php and update database name, username and password according to new server also check if this downloadable_domains is using old. 3rd: Run below commands on root path:- ...


Although the payment processor's gateway might be PCI compliant, the response and further transaction details are coming back to a platform which is no longer compliant (since there are no updates and security patches for the 1.x versions), which I would say still might pose a problem. I am, for one thing, very skeptical on how any agency can provide a ...


Yes, you can do it, but FIRST you will need to delete/drop the trigger events that were inserted by UB Data Migration Tool or any migration tool that uses the same technique. I will give a short answer, but I wrote a tutorial that needs a bit of improvement, but I guess you can follow it. Short explanation that causes the errors UB Data Migration Tool when ...

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