General questions related to the e-mail functionalities available with all the magento versions for the different purposes viz. order, customer registration, invoicing, order confirmation, forgot password, contact, newsletter etc.

All the magento versions have a functionality to send mail on various actions happen/taken/performed by the admin & the front[-end users. There are so many different areas where magento provides the e-mail sending feature, which is used to deliver the information to the admin as well as to the customers on the various actions they performed or the changes happened to their store or their accounts respectively.

Below kind of questions can be asked under this tag.

  • If someone is trying to enhance the default feature.
  • If someone is facing any issue in using the default feature.
  • If someone found any issue or bug with the default feature.
  • For the deep digging in to the default feature to know the working concept behind the existing feature.
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