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Release Notes - Magento Community Edition

We are pleased to bring you Magento Community Edition, which bundles improvements for issues reported by our merchants after installing the latest patch SUPEE-7405, or Magento Community Edition Release

Important! Use Magento Community or later for all new installations and upgrades to ensure that you have the latest fixes, features, and security updates.

Patch Bundle (SUPEE-7405 v.1.1)

We highly recommend that all users of Magento Community Edition 1.9.0.x either install the SUPEE-7405 v 1.1 patch bundle, or upgrade to Magento Community Edition

  • You must install the SUPEE-7405 v 1.0 patch before installing the SUPEE-7405 v 1.1 patch bundle if you are running a version of Magento Community Edition prior to
  • You do not need to install the SUPEE-7405 v 1.0 patch if you are running Magento Community Edition, or have previously installed the SUPEE-7405 v 1.0 patch on an earlier version of Magento Community Edition.

The SUPEE-7405 v 1.1 patch bundle includes the following:

Cart Merge Patch (SUPEE-7978)

Carts with identical items now merge correctly. Previously, when a cart with one item was merged with another cart that contained the same item, Magento did not merge the cart totals correctly.The cart now includes only one item, and the total is correct.

SOAP API Patch (SUPEE-7822)

The Magento SOAP API now works as expected. Previously after installing the SUPEE-7405 v1.0 patch, an API request would cause a 500 error, and Magento would log an exception.

PHP 5.3 Compatibility (SUPEE-7882)

The patch was not compatible with PHP 5.3 for earlier versions of Magento that were still supporting this version. The issue experience by merchants was inability to view sales information in the Admin.

Upload File Permissions

The patch restores less restrictive file permissions (0666 for files and 0777 for directories) as more strict permissions introduced by the original SUPEE-7405 patch cause many merchants not to be able to view uploaded product images, depending on hosting provider configuration.

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