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Magento2.3.5: How to optimize product export scripts?

I recommend to use standard performance improvement loop: Testing (profiling) Find bottleneck Fix it and repeat https://github.com/NoiseByNorthwest/php-spx is good for quick start For example app:/...
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Magento2.3.5: How to optimize product export scripts?

Your script looks quite comprehensive, and it's good that you are considering optimization. Here are some suggestions to optimize and improve your script: 1. Use Dependency Injection: Instead of using ...
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Magento2.3.5: How to optimize product export scripts?

Start by not using object manager but dependency injectrion. Then in term of performance i would say The closest you are from the system the fastest it is. That means accessing threw repositories will ...
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Magento2.3.5: How to remove index.php and theme id from url?

Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engine Optimisation -> Web Server Rewrites : YES. You should make sure that your Secure and Unsecure base urls end with "/&...
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Magento2.4.3: While importing products, getting this error (The value specified in the URL Key field would generate a URL that already exists)?

it can be problem with url_rewrite table. When you want to solve problem, pls check few points: Whether url_key in existing products is unique Whether url_key in product which you want to import is ...
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