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Plain text. But where they come in handy is that custom variables can be used in CMS style content. So pages, blocks and email templates. This is really helpful let's say if you've got a custom telephone number that's different from store number or similar you want to come through in templates. You should be able to insert using WYSIWYG You would be ...


In magento direct email not sending to the admin. Magento show low stock report at Reports > Product > Low stock For Magento 2.3.x Admin Low Stock Notification email Free extension available in github Check this one. It will help.


Dears, Though Magento has an in-built tool for the backup. I would recommend using a shell script based backup: Linux native command is always faster than PHP. There is no enabling and disabling of maintenance mode while running the backup script. So there is no downtime. To have more Freedom. Magento2 console script is limited. What if you want to ...

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