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Denotes question regarding Magento Import Functionality specifically Import products

Data for all product types can be imported into the store. In addition, you can import products, advanced pricing data, customer data, customer address data, and product images. Import supports the following operations:

Add/Update Replace Delete The size of the import file is determined by the settings in the php.ini file on the server. The system message on the Import page indicates the current size limit.

Special characters — such as the equal sign, greater and less than symbols, single and double quotes, backslash, pipe, and ampersand symbols — can cause problems during data transfer. To ensure that such special characters are correctly interpreted, they can be marked as an “escape sequence.” For example, if the data includes a string of text such as code=”str”,code=”str2”, choosing to enclose the text in double quotes ensures that the original double quotes are understood to be part of the data. When the system encounters a double set of double quotes, it understands that the outer set of double quotes is enclosing the actual data.