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Aschroder_SMTPPro - need this one for magento 2

The above module is available for Magento 1, not for Magento 2. This module is used to enable SMTP for Magento to send emails. So, why do you need this module for Magento 2? Also, this is a backend ...
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Aschroder_SMTPPro - need this one for magento 2

Aschroder_SMTPPro magento extension is available only for Magento 1.x platform not for Magento 2.x . Secondly Hyva is a drop-in replacement for Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce store front default LUMA ...
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Magento 2 : Error "TypeError: Return value of Magento\Framework\Filter\DirectiveProcessor\TemplateDirective::process() must be of the type string"

In my case, when I received the email I got this error message "Error filtering template: Argument 'value' must be type of string, NULL given." Apparently this came because I had the "...
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Magento 2.3: Account Email Confirmation is not sending

There can be plenty on reason why it doesn't work. The main question is whether any other e-mails is sending correctly? Expect the test one? E.g confirmation of order? If so, then SMTP setting is ...
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