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Magento 2.4 with AWS ES not able to install

This is meant to be a comment to Eric Cavalcanti's 2020 answer, but I don't have enough reputation. It's 2024, and I'm setting up Magento 2.4.7-p1, and AWS is providing OpenSearch 2.13. I could not ...
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Installing Magento via docker getting with Elasticsearch

@Prashant Hey, Update Docker Compose File Your Docker Compose file is mostly correct, but ensure you have the appropriate network configuration if needed. Here's a slightly refined version of your ...
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Magento not showing products in category list page due to elastic search issue

I ran into this issue, and the issue was that the server reached 85% of used space. The default config prevent new shards being allocated to a node in this condition (
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Adobe Live Search Installation/Config problems

If your products disappear from the frontend you must synchronize the products with livesearch by executing the following commands: bin/magento saas:resync --feed products bin/magento saas:resync --...
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