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You can use this gulpfile: if you don't need any special tools it should be fine and you can try the "superwatch" task that I created to avoid running an exec command with each new file added :)


From version 2.4 onwards, Magento won't suggest to run it on Windows and Mac operating system specially for development purpose. Devdocs Reference : Many things will not work properly like GraphQL, sometimes you also need to delete generated folder to load frontend. These are the things which I already experienced while running Magento 2.4 on windows. I ...


If you want to develop new module for Magento 2, it's recomended to switch to Developer mode (php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer). And I recommend you to enable all magento cache, because it can take too much time to load, if you doesn't. To see your less/css changes your should clean static files (rm -rf pub/static var/view_preprocessed) and load ...

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