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First of all, we never call one controller function into another. The controller is not for writing multiuse function if you want to call a function then try using either block or a helper. Since Helper is deprecated in Magento 2.3.6 you can use viewModel. If you want to use a block then you have to override the existing block which is used on the checkout ...


1. Set your symbol currency from admin settings Store -> Currency -> Currency Symbols As per you question try below code $currency = $_objectManager->create('Magento\Directory\Model\CurrencyFactory')->create()->load($currencyCode); $currencySymbol = $currency->getCurrencySymbol(); As per your requirement, Add this code in php file at ...


For product attributes to be available in GraphQL, is_user_defined has to be true AND at least one of the following: is_comparable is_filterable is_filterable_in_search is_visible_on_front used_in_product_listing used_for_sort_by Reference: \Magento\CatalogGraphQl\Model\Resolver\Products\Attributes\Collection::getAttributes() Additionally, if the ...


I figured it out running this in mysql UPDATE `catalog_product_option_type_title` a JOIN `catalog_product_option_type_title` b ON a.option_type_id = b.option_type_id SET b.title = 'Big-Dimmable' WHERE a.title = 'little-dimmable'

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