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Denotes questions related to Custom theme for Magento

Build a Custom Theme:

Although it can be more costly up front, building a custom theme is almost always the best long-term solution for an active Magento e-commerce store, because it provides some excellent benefits:

  • No compromises: A custom theme can be developed and designed exactly the way you want it. The style, the feel, the layout will match exactly what is best for your brand and for the experience you want to provide to your customers.
  • 100% flexibility: If a custom theme has been developed properly, then there is no limitation to how you can modify it in the future. It’s important to keep your site looking fresh and offering the latest features that your discerning customers will come to expect from shopping online. You should have the
    flexibility to make changes down the road.
  • Increased security: As long as your custom theme is developed by a trusted partner then you won’t have to worry about potential security risks related to your Magento site. Your reputation and your client’s data are critical to protect, so you can’t risk them on a third party vendor that may have inadvertently (or intentionally) included security flaws in the software used on your e-commerce website. Custom themes make it easier to keep up with the latest critical security patches as well.

Third party themes can offer some great features at a low cost but are usually only a good fit for small e-commerce businesses that are willing to compromise their branding and features for budget. A custom theme is going to provide your Magento e-commerce site with the most flexibility and functionality as long as you work with a trusted and experienced Magento development partner.