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The default schedule is every second, as you can see in this core file below. <!-- /app/code/Magento/MessageQueue/etc/crontab.xml --> <job name="consumers_runner" instance="Magento\MessageQueue\Model\Cron\ConsumersRunner" method="run"> <schedule>* * * * *</schedule> </job> Re-running cron restarts the consumer. Each ...


Depends, what you have set on your store. Please refer to this guide.


If you are having issues with the indexes cron execution and your server is CPU optimized, yes you can use a separate process for it. use_separate_process | Run this crongroup’s jobs in a separate PHP process Reference: Specifying Cron group options


You can add 'cron' =>['enabled' => 0], to app/etc/env.php to temporary disable the cron job

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