Try this: SET @NAME_ATTR_ID = (SELECT attribute_id FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code='name' AND entity_type_id=3); SELECT cce.entity_id FROM catalog_category_entity cce JOIN catalog_category_entity_varchar ccev ON ccev.row_id=cce.row_id AND ccev.attribute_id=@NAME_ATTR_ID #AND ccev.store_id=0 AND ccev.value LIKE '%gear%' ;


To get the name and ID of te categgory you need to call below rest API: local.magento2.3.1.com/rest//V1/categories/2 using GET method to get details of the category and all its child. If you want parent and child segregation then you need to write down a module with webapi.xml file and declare your endpoint and method in it. In that method you need to ...

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