Denotes questions regarding Magento Catalog Inventory

The Mage_CatalogInventory module allows you to retrieve and update stock attributes, such as status and quantity.

Inventory Allows you to retrieve and update the stock data.

Resource Name: cataloginventory_stock_item


  • product_stock


  • cataloginventory_stock_item.list - Retrieve the list of stock data by product IDs
  • cataloginventory_stock_item.update - Update the stock data for a list of products


Change manage_stock setting to ‘off’ in the inventory area.

$attributeSets = $client->call($session, ‘product_stock.update’, array(’SKU’,array(’manage_stock’=>'0’,’use_config_manage_stock’=>'0’)));

The use_config_manage_stock unchecks the ‘Use Config Settings’ box which allows you to make changes to this product and not to use the global settings that are set by default.