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Denotes questions related to Magento CE/EE version 2.0

3 votes

unable to enable custom module in Magento ver. 2.0.0-rc

Check steps how to create Magento2 module and be sure you have registered your module …
1 vote

Problems with SOAP API authentication and java client

Yes, you are right, you need to send authentication header. How to authenticate for WebApi in Magento2 you can find here …
1 vote

magento 2 installation error while installing on server

You need to install these extensions in PHP. How to do this on Ubuntu you can find in Magento2 Developers Documentation If you install on Windows, feel free to look into PHP Documentation how to ins …
5 votes

How to use Magento 2’s built in Vagrant box?

It's a virtual machine for ZF1 unit testing and library development. The package "magento/zendframework1" is based on ZendFramework1 code source . The Vagrantfile is included into zf1 for development …
1 vote

How to create custom SOAP api for magento 2.0?

To create custom SOAP api for Magento 2.0 Create service contracts. These are set of data and service interfaces. Sample module for service contracts can be found on Magento github. Expose services …
1 vote

how to extend .js and .html files in Magento 2

One module is registered under one path, that's why it can read from vendor, but cannot from app/code.
1 vote

how to extend/inject this to customer address in magento 2

I suppose you can expand an existing fieldset by adding Magento Ui Component Container. If you will look at Magento/Customer/view/base/ui_component/customer_form.xml, you can find an example of contai …