I'm currently using the 1.9.1 RWD theme, and having issues with the currency-switcher that shoes up in the footer.

The currency-swticher in the header works fine, but the one in the footer has the following issue.

Say for example I have 3 currencies set up. £, € and $ (Pounds, Euros and Dollars). When I load up the page on a mobile (or resized in a browser) the default selected value is always my default currency (Pounds in this case). If I select Euros, it will change the pages currency to Euros, however when I go to select another currency - the selected currency is still pounds. Meaning that I am unable to swap the currency back to pounds.

Any thoughts as, as far as I can tell - it should be the same bit of code no?

Update: I've tried moving the currency-selector that works in the header to the footer, and the same issue happens.