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How to add item to cart?

How to add product to cart with price 0. It is something like an free product add to cart programmatic ally without any cart rule?
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Magento 1.9 Sales Order grand total showing value 0

Magento 1.9 Sales Order grand total showing value 0 Does my table affect?
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Grand total is storing as 0 while ordering the products in magento 2

Before placing the order it shows correctly the order total but after placing the order, it stores the grand total as 0 in the database table. How to fix this problem?
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Magento 2 How to hide payment method when the Basket Subtotal is ZERO

I want to hide the payment methods when the basket subtotal is "0" i have few products in my website where price is "0" but the customer has to pay for shipping incase if they want to purchase the ...
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How to set Zero Subtotal Checkout after applying coupon, which makes grand total to 0

In my project at admin panel I have set Store->Configuration->Sales->Payment Method->Ccavenuepay and Minimum Order Total to 1 or 0.1. On checkout page when I apply the discount coupon, my grand total ...
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Zero subtotal for custom discount giving error, during order place

When I place an order it is showing the following error: {message: "The requested Payment Method is not available.",…} message : "The requested Payment Method is not available." trace : "#0 E:\xampp\...
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Magento 1.9 - Zero SubTotal Checkout < 0

Is it possible to change the Zero SubTotal Checkout function to allow anything less than or equal to zero? So a negative grand total would not require a payment.
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Magetno2 custom subtotal is 0

I'm using checkout_cart_product_add_afterobserver. In observer public function execute(\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer) { $item = $observer->getEvent()->getQuoteItem(); $...
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Use Zero Subtotal method use on order greater than 0

I'm trying to make quote system, so the customer can place order as quote without paying, The checkout also have other payment options. I used a little hack to show "Zero Subtotal Checkout" option on ...
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How to credit-memo and/or return-to-stock a "completed" $0 order?

Magento won't let you create a credit memo for $0. In the case of a $0 order, what is the correct way to reverse/close/cancel the order, and return the item to stock? From looking at the core code, ...
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Automatic Discount Coupons Conflicting with Zero Payment Checkout

I have been working on a project which requires customers to get a automatic discount code applied to their basket based on items that are in there. I thought this was working perfectly with the ...
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How to enabel/disable a shipping method based on Order Subtotal?

I am learning Magento and trying to create a shipping method that appears only when the subtotal of the cart is over than $100. I tried to getSubTotal() in function collectRates(), then return false ...
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Where do Zero Subtotal Checkout Invoices get created?

The basic problem is this: We've enabled the creation of invoices for free (zero subtotal) orders. This works fine, and the invoice is created, except the invoice email isn't sent. I expected that I ...
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