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Memory overflow when calling XML-RPC

I am facing an issue with the XML-RPC interface. When I do a multicall, my Magento setup starts running out of memory. The call (a little shortened, the actual call is like 30 orders long): &...
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Magento 2 Zend XmlRpc Client not found

I am trying to implement Magento 2 Odoo connector by using Zend XmlRpc Client. $httpClient = new \Zend\Http\Client(); $oxClient = new \Zend\XmlRpc\Client('',$httpClient); ...
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Cart total doesn't update after adding an item to the cart (using API) using Magento 1.9 CE

I'm using Magento 1.9 CE and am using XML RPC to connect to Magento's API and after I add an item to the cart, the "totals" do not update. Here's the order of operation: login to api cart.create - ...
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Magento 1.9, memory exhausted when calling api

i tried to call api, but it said memory exhausted bla bla bla. Any idea to fix this ? i've tried to increase the memory limit to 4 gb, but it doesn't seem to fix anything. thanks!
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Product Create via API - not showing in admin panel

We create products via the Magento API, these are simple products. We only have 1 website and 1 store in this website. We were creating products with store 1 set, these would create the products , ...
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Magento API 20x Slower On Local Dev Environment. Why?

I'm trying to test the speed of Magento API methods and finding it very difficult due to inconsistent results. Right now my test consists of three API calls: login,, and endSession....
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Get specific images for Facebook Product Catalog

I try to setup a XML feed so can add my products to Facebook Product Catalog. After search I found this but it get all product images. function getProductData($iProduct) { Mage::getmodel( '...
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Extending the Magento XML-RPC API

Is it possible to extend the Magento XML-RPC API To Retrieve a list of attributes used in layered navigation, or is this a limitation of this API?
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Catalog_product_attribute list empty in Python-Magento API?

Using this for fetching data from My Magento website. The catalog product API is working fine. It returns all the products. But when I try to fetch attribute using the following command it returns an ...
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Shopatron - Immediate Order Processing - Do I need to sync up my products and customer data with Shopatron?

A client wants to use Shopatron for processing orders and transmitting these to several retailers etc. and Magento for controlling inventory, customer data and the general front-end. The complete ...
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Get All customers from Magento using rest API

I am trying to get all customers from Magento, but it giving me only first 10 records, i have searched a lot but did not see any post of comment which can solve my problem. API user has admin rights ...
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Product updates via XML-RPC API not taking effect

I need to update the value of an attribute in all of my products, so I am trying to script it using the XML-RPC API. Here's the gist of what I'm doing (using a Python API wrapper): magento....
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After Magento is installed and configured, is there a way to streamline the installation and configuration of additional modules?

After Magento is installed and configured, is there a way to streamline the installation and configuration of additional modules? For example, when deploying Odoo, one can rsync a module to an Odoo ...
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Zend XMLRPC API FaultCode 630 Unable to read request Linnworks

Linnworks is unable to connect to Magento store any longer. XML can be fetched at but only contains faultcode error 630 (I've stripped index.php from URL's within .htaccess). ...
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