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Disable WS-I magento 2

Can WS-I be disabled for Magento 2 (v2.1.6). It's blocking an API connection to a third party shipping portal (Royal Mail Click and Drop). Any help would be most appreciated.
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Magento SOAP V2 API Unknown error

this is the first time I use Magento, and I'm trying to make an API, but Im getting some errors. When I try to call a custom SOAP api method, I'm getting this error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [...
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Changing type on WSI file will not allow for an override

In app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/etc/wsi.xml From the tag for this: <xsd:complexType name="catalogProductCreateEntity"> I want to delete or change type with a custom module <xsd:element ...
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Unable to get sales orders limit by date range through SOAP API

I tried to get a list of orders filtered between two dates using SOAP-UI. I am using API version 2 WSI complaint mode. This doesn't seem to be working and below is the sample SOAP envilope. <...
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Why does one of many attributes does not get updated with SOAPv2 WS-I?

I'm using Magento CE with SOAPv2 and WS-I. I'm trying to update products with the catalogProductUpdate-Method. The description in the code example below gets updated, but the manufacturer-...
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Magento WSDL not Wsi Compliant

I have an issue with the compiled WSDL file not being standard compliant with 3rd party system, SAP. A base magento install with WS-I compliance turned on in the admin is causing errors within SAP as ...
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