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Questions tagged [website-speed]

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Magento 2 : Website Become Slow after Updating Tax Configuration

We currently have a stable website on magento 2.4.6 version with Elasticsearch and Redis-server. Websites is very responsive and fast, until we update tax configuration. When we change default tax ...
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Store Speed issue with Reindex. Magento 2

I have a Magento2.3.5 Version but that store is causing a strange issue Store is really fast when just Reindex is runned but after 2 or maybe 3 hrs it became really slow and I have to run Reindex ...
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Is our hosting provider lying to me?

Magento 2.4.2-p1 Porto theme Amasty extensions I have a VPS Cloud4 account ($140/month) with the following specifications: 6 x 2.50 GHz Cores 16 GB ECC RAM 320 GB SSD Space 8 TB Bandwidth cPanel/WHM/...
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How to increase the speed of the magento 2 back-end?

How to increase the Magento 2 back-end speed? , I'm using it, and seems to be very slow, is there any setting that helps to increase the speed?
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Magento234 code optimization

For optimize already minify CSS, js. Merged CSS and js. But still not achieve as much exact results. Gtmatrix always display F scored. How to optimize the code and increased site load time?
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