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Stop a payment on an order

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Magento 2 is sending order confirmation email when order is voided in Braintree and not created in Magento backend

I'm at a lost - orders are reporting that they received an order confirmation email (which I can see in our logs are being sent) but the orders are not actually created in our system. When I search ...
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Magenton 1 - If i try to void the order return error - Void Failed: Authorization Not Found (Payeezy) [closed]

I am using Payeezy Payment gateway [First Data] If I try to void in back-end order section, I am getting error message Void Failed: Authorization Not Found How can I solve the issue and void the ...
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Magento 1.9 Order not able to cancel payment done by PayPal?

After void the order from PayPal, the order not able to cancel in magento backend the error like PayPal gateway has rejected request. Authorization is voided (#10600: Authorization voided). How can i ...
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How do most banks handle authorization voids?

There's a lot of outdated information around the web discussing how banks handle a void on a credit card authorization. What I know is still true is that it is the bank's discretion whether (and when) ...
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What's the difference between voiding and canceling an order?

What is the difference between voiding and canceling an order? What are the reasons to perform one over the other? When looking at an Order where the credit card has been captured online in the ...
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Magento Voiding orders via backend

We use UsaEPay payment system for our site (But I think this problem/question persists for other payment methods as well). The way the system works is, that the "Authorize and Capture" batches the ...
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