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Increase varchar limit fot small_image attribute

I am using Magento 2.3.4.I have imported the product sheet in back end. It throws the error "Attribute small_image exceeded max length in row(s): 1".I have to import image from external url the ...
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Is it possible to reduce the default varchar size in catalog_product_flat? (M2)

I have a seemingly common problem. With too many custom attributes that are necessary and no way to change them in a way that would make the use of the default flat catalog possible I am searching for ...
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1 answer

Extend Custom Attribute Value Limit from VARCHAR 255 to 500

OK had a look round and cannot seem to find an exact solution to my problem. I have a custom attribute that stores a link, on some cases this link can be up to 500 characters long. When I show show ...
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Which characters are allowed (by default) in a SKU?

A simple question with no hits on Google. What are the characters that are allowed in a SKU? The entire UTF-8 character set?
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3 answers

EAV attribute values stored in database

I have an attribute in use on Magento where the data has been split between catalog_product_entity_varchar and catalog_product_entity_decimal due to the datatype being changed in the database. The ...
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Singed integers are not saving properly?

I have a custom table with column 'discount_percentage', which is a signed integer. e.g. +5 , -2 likewise I have defined the data type as Varchar for this field. But it's not saving the value ...
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