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Magento 2 : Pass a value to the modal popup from UI Form

I am creating a slider module. I am using the same structure of the customer address form. Add New button will open a modal and show a form. From that, I can upload the image and save it. Now I am ...
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Get config value in XML layout

I create config value in system.xml that contain src of a script taghow can i call this value in view\frontend\layout\default.xml file in head tag
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magento 2: value not saved for attribute by programmatically

I am trying to save some values in my attribute by programmatically. My attribute name is storage. type is dropdown I am trying to save values like 32GB or 16GB this values do not saved but if I used '...
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Jquery To get substring from a long string within two specific sub strings

I have a long string as - " " I want to get the value ...
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How to pass the value and call js function from template.html using knockout js in(in checkout page) Magento 2?

I have to call and pass value to the js function(showPopup())from the template(when clicking the Verify OTP button). How to achieve this?. But now i am not able to call the js function. layout file &...
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How can I modify default Magento Form Value?

I want to modify the value of the Associate Website options in Customer > Manage Customers > Add a New Customer. The default value of Associate Website option is 'Admin' but I want to set to Main ...
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Session value not set Properly in Logged users Magento 2.3

In my mobile number update module, logged user userId and mobilenumber set to .phtml hidden fields, but some times its not works properly ! please check my code app/code/{vendor}/{module}/Block/...
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