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Change MSRP text in Magento 2

I want to translate msrp config.xml file. Here is the image. I found that this text is in /vendor/magento/module-msrp/etc/config.xml but it is not translatable. How can I override this config.xml to ...
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Custom Contact Form translation

I have a custom contact form, I send all the fields I need, but I can not translate a field. Realizou compra: Sim Pedido: Pedido #100000001 - Total: R$105.00 - Data: 31-07-2017 - Status: pending ...
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Magento Translation ver.

I am trying to Translate this phrase: Search entire store here... that appears in the default Search Form. So far I have tried adding it here: staging/app/design/frontend/default/mytemplate/locale/...
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Translation of product in minicart and checkout - magento 2.x

I have the following problem with translation of product in minicart and checkout on Magento 2.x: When I add product in minicart on one language(for example English) and later, if I change the ...
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Magento2 having Issue in language installation "Duplicated translation is found, but it is not allowed"

I am trying to install German language pack and its showing me error ' Duplicated translation is found, but it is not allowed ' Commands: wget
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Where can I find the file for product view translation?

Does anyone know where to find the translation file for this line "Buy 2 for $84.60..." ? I am trying to change the default Chinese text in the 2nd pic. I am using Magento ver.
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translating a string with html elements in it

I'm having trouble translating this string in M2. It has '' element in it, I have tried all possible string splitting options but none of them seems to work. Is there some kind of a trick that I don't ...
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Cannot translate title set in the layout XML magento 1

this is my layout xml for the checkout success page: <checkout_onepage_success> <remove name="checkout.success"/> <reference name="head"> <action ...
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Magento 2 - extend core module translation i18n for a very specific area [duplicate]

Magento 2 translation problem (my locale is set to en_US): I want to change the "Email" label on the Contact Us page to "Email Address:". However, I DO NOT WANT the "Email" label changed anywhere ...
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Showing languages in content on magento

I know its simple to modify attributes, menu buttons etc into different languages but how do you change product content - titles and other fields? Is there a suitable extension?
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