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Get store configuration variable for addLink in local.xml

I'm am using the addLink method of Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links in my local.xml, which uses links.phtml as a template. Is there some way of passing links.phtml the store email/phone addresses which ...
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Top links added is showing twice? [closed]

I have added to links with following code in local.xml file. <?xml version="1.0"?> <layout version="0.1.0"> <default translate="label" module="page"> <reference name="...
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Change Top Links Text after Login

I want to change the text of My account top links. When user is not logged in, I need to display the top link My Account as Register. Once a user is logged in, I want to change that text to from ...
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How to add language switcher to top links?

I'm looking for a way to add the language switcher to my top links menu. My store has 2 languages and I've modified the languages.phtml file to show the alternate language. Example: if you are on the ...
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how can I add a link to my navigation menu [duplicate]

I'm wondering the best way to add a custom link to the top navigation menu?
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Remove Specific Top Links

I need to edit the Magento Top Links in a specific way and only need to show three links in below order Login Register Cart This would result in following Remove only Checkout Link and not Cart ...
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top links only loading log in link

I'm writing a new layout file for a custom module. As part of this I need to include the toplinks eg. log in, cart + (quantity), my account, wishlist and also recently viewed and nothing else. My ...
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Mage_Page_Block_Html_Toplinks @deprecated after, CE 1.8

I saw on RELEASE_NOTES.txt on CE 1.8: Fixed #17451: Header Links (top.links.phtml) does not output correctly because it is using the model code (the Toplinks block is deprecated) However,...
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Change position of Cart Link in Top Links

I want to put the Cart link at the end of the top links - ideally using my local.xml file. Most top links are added like this: <reference name="top.links"> <action method="addLink" ...
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Dropdown button for "topLinks" in header. Issues with dropdown-menu placement

I'm working on a bootstrap magento theme. My intentions are to have a dropdown menu for the Here is a jsFiddle of the exact code I am using to produce the dropdown: jsfiddle/BqKNV/9/ (Must add .net ...
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Best Practices Way to Edit Magento Top-Links

Let's say we want to add a shopping cart icon right before the "My Cart" link on Magento's top links (see top links below). What is the best way to do this? Do something to toplinks.php? Do ...
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