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Exception #0 (Exception): Warning: Undefined array key "content_css"

I successfully installed the Martfury Marketplace Magento Theme along with the Magefan Blog Module. My intention was to edit the homepage after activating the theme. However, upon pressing the edit ...
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Warning: Private methods cannot be final as they are never overridden by other classes during compilation

I successfully installed the Martfury-Marketplace Magento theme. Subsequently, I executed the command 'php bin/magento setup:di:compile', however, an error occurred as follows: Therefore, I fixed the ...
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Override PHP-sdk file in vendor

I want to override the (PHP sdk)file which is found in the vendor path the path is vendor/tamara-solution/php-sdk/src/Tamara/Model/Order/Order.php I am attaching my that specific php sdk composer....
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How to embed Magento categories into third party websites

Are there any possibilities to embed Magento categories into third-party websites? Thanks.
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Override/disable 3rd party plugin (Amasty Shop By) which is not declared

I've been battling with this one for a while but can't figure out how to disable, in order to override, a plugin in the Amasty Shop by extension. I need to override a couple of methods in the plugin, ...
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How to override .phtml file in module?

I am trying to change sign in or create an account message which is called by block named in catalog_product_view.xml. /vendor/magento/module-review/view/frontend/layout/...
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Third Party JS not Working using require js Magento 2.3.2

We are trying to create new Theme in Magento2. We have a problem in executing third party js file. requirejs-config.js file configuration var config = { deps: [ "js/default" ], paths: { ...
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Mageplaza products slider items not updating [closed]

I'm using the products carousel via the shortcode method: I was wondering what settings there are available that I can add on ...
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Setup version vs Module Version

How to check the third party plugin version without any code in Magento 2? Also, please let me know what exactly is Setup version and Module version.
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Conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability

i want try doofinder in my magento 2.2.6 ecommerce but when i try to install it i get this error: Using version ^0.1.7@beta for doofinder/doofinder-magento2 ./composer.json has been updated Loading ...
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How to apply Shipping Restriction to particular products - WebShop Matrix Rate Shipping Extension? [closed]

How to restrict some particular products to the selected shipping method? My Rate Chart is as follows : Here, The products of the category ids 4 and 5 are not eligible for India Post. My ...
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Magento 2 : Plugin autoload error

I have recently move a magento 2.2.5 website to a new server and now when I run an upgrade command or compile command I receive the below error. I have tried deleting any and every folder i can find ...
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customer get order confirmation email before pay

I'm using the third party extensions for payment(Paytm and PayUmoney) for our magento website. the issue is customer get an order confirmation email before Pay when they just redirected. I made all ...
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Changing product based on user's location

Is it possible to change the products based on the local regions without choosing a particular store? So do, I need to make a custom field of location for the products? Please help me!
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Use 3rd party jQuery files in custom module Magento 2

Trying to use slick slider in my custom module All css is loaded by /var/www/html/magento2/app/code/CompanyName/ReviewRating/view/frontend/layout/reviewrating_index_index.xml I am In Developer Mode. ...
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