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Questions tagged [text-field]

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2 votes
1 answer

Magento 2: Cart price rule Actions dynamically add text field using UI Components

I have need to add dynamic text field in cart price rule edit section. when click on Add button text field should be added. And save data in salesrule table. When select from Apply Percent Discount: ...
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1 answer

Magento 2 how to create custom Field in checkout page

How to create custom field on checkout Page in magento2?
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0 answers

How to create autocomplete on click on textbox in magento2.3.5

I want to create a dynamic textbox and using the id attribute to use autocomplete functionality in this. I have Developed a dynamic id for each textbox on click of add Item button and my id is ...
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0 answers

Magento 2.3: add customizable option text input type=number

How can I create a customizable option text input type=number instead of the default type=text?
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1 answer

Changing Dropdown attribute to text in magento 1.9 without changing data

In Magento 1.9, I am going to convert my drop-down attributes to text field without changing my current data Below is the image of current attribute set
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1 answer

Magento 1 - Update products in bulk for custom attribute value

My custom attribute is, PreBook[ Text Field ]. How can I add my custom text Book Your PreBook to my selected store & selected SKU's? Managed products bulk attributes option taking too many time, ...
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3 answers

Magento Text-area attribute not showing on product detail page

The following text-area attribute has been configured (see screenshots) The attribute has been included in an attribute set, and on the respective product a custom text has been added. On the ...
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