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Questions tagged [suspected-fraud]

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Magento 2.3 payment Suspected Fraud to Deny Payment not going

I am using capture as default magento payment gateway in magento 2.3 and I have one order coming suspected fraud. but when I will suspected fraud to deny payment and I see error but I ...
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1 answer

B2B Orders Marked Fraud

We have a B2B website and all our customers are approved to be on the site. No public or guest checkouts. Typically they all use credit cards. Some of the transactions are being marked as fraud. We ...
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1 answer

Magento 2.3.1 - PayPal Payments always show as Suspected Fraud Status

we are facing a strange behavior. We are working with a Magento 2.3.1 version and the PayPal Module, which is pre-installed. All works well, customers can pay via PayPal but every order paid via ...
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Fraud or Bug ? PayPal paid transaction on an old existing order

Something strange happened on my store and I really have no clue about what it was or even how it could happen ! I’ve already seen fraud or bugs but today, I have no idea about what happened! I'll try ...
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Magento saves a wrong order total amount and put the order in Subspected Fraud

I've a problem in the order resume when a user is applying a discount code. In fact the subtotal is 68 + 8 (shipment) and - 6.80 (discount code) = €69.2 and not €76.0 like what's written in the page. ...
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1 answer

Persistent suspected fraud orders via Paypal when checking out with non-base currency

This issue has been driving us up the wall for a number of months now and is a common/known issue in various versions of Magento but frustratingly, we have not been able to rectify this. Every time a ...
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