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SUPEE-6285 is a security patch released for Magento CE < / EE <

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SUPEE-6285 - Failed - Magento - Magento Scanner

I've got problem with Magento Scanner - i've got just one error with: SUPEE-6285 - Failed. Access to /downloader/Maged/ should be restricted (APPSEC-847), got '500'. Access to /downloader/lib/ should ...
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Patching SUPEE 6285 Error

My store currently running on Magento ver. and I've using What I've done: SUPEE-5994 patch is installed as checked on app/etc/applied....
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Access Denied errors showing for a permission assigned user (created custom module) after installing SUPEE-6285

I installed SUPER-6285 patch on our Mangeto and created a custom module for sales and assign that modules to a user. Showing access denied for that users I applied the below function in my ...
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Third party extensions does not have adminhtml.xml to fix Access Denied errors after installing SUPEE-6285

As posted here, the ACL resource must be find in adminhtml.xml, but in extension I have there is no such. However, the acl is defined in community/3rdparty/extension/etc/config.xml file. In addition, ...
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Apply patch SUPEE-6285

I have applied patch SUPEE-6285. Previously i have applied SUPEE-5994. My Magento version is I get below in my Terminal window. Is the patch properly installed? sh PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9....
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Patch (SUPEE-6285) 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED saving rejects cart.phtml

sh 24: 127: not found 24: 127: not ...
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2 answers

Installing SUPEE-6285 for 1.8.1 on

I can not use sh file so I found zip file on The problem is that I found only zip file for 1.8.1, but on my store I have Magento 1.8.0. Is there any difference between those two ...
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Security Patch (SUPEE-6285) – Install Immediately In Magento

How To Resolve New Magento Security Patch (SUPEE-6285) – Install Immediately In Magento please find the below image I have tried this code passthru("/bin/bash PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v2-...
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SUPEE-6285 errors

I am new to installing patches but first attempt has failed. Could anyone tell me what I could have done wrong? root@server1 [/home/mtlengin/public_html]# sh PATCH_SUPEE-6285_CE_1.9.1.1_v2-2015-07-...
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Patch SUPEE 6285 v2 Error Line 907

I'm attempting to patch SUPEE 6285v2. I have successfully applied the other patches prior to it and 6285v1. I reverted v1 and tried to apply v2, and received this error. can't find file to patch at ...
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500 errors after patching Magento 1.9.0 with SUPEE-6285

Patched Magento with SUPEE-5994 and was successful. After clearing cache and clearing and disabling compilation site worked fine. I then patched with SUPEE-6285 and whilst indicating it was ...
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2 answers

How to solve patch update/revert errors? SUPEE-6285 and

While reverting the SUPEE-6285 patch (in order to install SUPEE-6285-V2), I get errors like patching file downloader/template/connect/packages_prepare.phtml Hunk #1 FAILED at 33. 1 out of 1 ...
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2 answers

Error applying Security patch supee-6285

I am trying to apply the latest magento security patch supee-6285 v2. I get the following error message: [root@dedivps-542 httpdocs]# sh ...
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2 answers

Access Denied errors after installing SUPEE-6285

After installing the SUPEE-6285 patch on our Magento store the system is showing an "Access Denied" error when attempting to access all custom modules for users who have selective permissions (...
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2 answers

Not able to apply security patch SUPEE-6285

We have a Magento website having version (CE). As I got the update from Magento support, to apply security patch on your store to prevent from security threat. We have downloaded the secutiry ...
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3 votes
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Error while Patching Security Patch (SUPEE-6285) - NoItems.phtml (SOLVED)

I'm trying to apply the new patch release today SUPEE-6285 but I get this error : app/design/frontend/base/default/template/checkout/cart/noItems.phtml Hunk #1 FAILED at 31. 1 out of 1 hunk ...
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Error while Patching Security Patch (SUPEE-6285)

While trying to patch magento, which I have done a few times now with prior patches successfully, I encountered an issue with this latest patch. Checking if patch can be applied/reverted successfully....
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SUPEE-6285 patch, what has been changed?

OK, somebody has to ask this: today, 7/7/2015 a new security patch for Magento < 1.9.2 has been released. update your shops ASAP! But what has been changed? Are there known exploits of the ...
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