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SUPEE-5344 is a security patch released for Magento CE < / EE <

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My Database may have been affected by Shoplift vulnerability (SUPEE-5344)

I am trying to see all worst case scenario. My one of the site may have been shoplifted. Now, I am in process of quarantine it first then start fresh site with fresh files. However, I do need ...
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SUPEE-1533, SUPEE-5344 Possible Problems?

I tried to install patches Magento SUPEE-1533, SUPEE-5344 CE 1.8.1 without ssh access direct file upload but after install there's error both backend and website became unaccesable so i replaced all ...
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SUPEE 5344 patch seems to download Enterprise Edition patch

When trying to download the patch SUPEE 5344 for CE 1.7.x from the patch has a header which seems to say it's a patch for EE 1.12. SUPEE-5345 | EE_1.12.0.2 ...
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Security patch 5344 unknown after changing admin url

The status of my Security patch 5344 (Shoplift) is unknown on after changing Magento admin url. Is this normal or should I change it back?
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Just to confirm and share: how to apply for magento patch supee-5344 [duplicate]

I found a possible solution for those who have no SSH access, or having difficulties using sh command to apply for the patch: (community edition) With the successful update on the local machine, find ...
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