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4 votes
1 answer

Magento - SUPEE-10975 - Failed. Outdated JQuery library v.1.12.0 found

I have upgrade version and during Magento security scan I got this error. I have removed old Jquery and added v.1.12.1 I replaced it in all page.xml. When I tried to check Jquery version of my store ...
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SUPEE 10975 but still getting warnings

We installed SUPEE 10975 a while ago and more patches since. Lately we are getting warnings that jQuery is out of date and I'm not quite sure what to do. SUPEE-10975 - Failed. Outdated JQuery ...
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Magento - SUPEE-10975 - Failed. Outdated JQuery library v.1.12.0 found (PRODSECBUG-2108), got '200'

I got an email this morning from the security scan. My Magento site running just received the following issue: SUPEE-10975 - Failed. Outdated JQuery library v.1.12.0 found (...
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1 vote
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Customers receiving order confirmation with another customer's details

We recently upgrade out Magento site to the latest patches through to SUPEE-10975. We have started seeing a number of problems like so; Some backend orders show customer email address and ...
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Can't install patch (SUPEE-10975)

I never installed a patch before. I tried to install SUPEE-10975 from here. But it does fail with the following message: $ ./ Checking if patch ...
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Security PATCH SUPEE-10975 Installation error in Config.xml

I have the same flaw. I have all the previous patches set except for php 7.0. Returning to the "original" version of config.xml has not solved the problem. How can I solve it? Checking if patch can ...
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Security PATCH SUPEE-10975 Installation Issues in Config.xml

[test_servert@AMER14VMW03 htdocs]$ bash ./ Checking if patch can be applied/reverted successfully... ERROR: Patch can't be applied/reverted ...
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3 votes
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Security Patch SUPEE-10975 - Possible issues? [duplicate]

Magento has released a new security patch for M1, and updates for M1 and M2. What issues should I look out for when upgrading or applying this patch? SUPEE-10975 SUPEE-10975, Magento Commerce 1....
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16 votes
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SUPEE-10975 Potential Issues

SUPEE-10975 has been released, it would be great to know if anyone runs into any issues while trying to apply this, will this conflict with the most recent patch that adds 7.2 support? So far these ...
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