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SUPEE-10570 is a security patch released for Magento CE < / EE <

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Update: Magento 1 checkout account create redirect, SUPEE-10570v2 and Magento

We currently have a strange problem on our Magento shop. When someone fills in the password fields in the checkout, to create an account. In that case when clicking the place order button on ...
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Can anyone have any idea of security patch file of SUPEE-9652 V2?

As i'm unable to find the SUPEE-9652 V2 version related security patch, because of these I'm unable to run another patch i.e, SUPEE-10570, can anyone provide me the solutions For Magento 1.9.x. ...
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Unable to revert Security Patch SUPEE-10570 v1

Trying to revert SUPEE-10570v1 to apply SUPEE-10570v2, but I'm unable to revert and receiving this code (I have checked all prior patches and they are the correct versions): app/Mage.php ... app/...
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Issue applying SUPEE-10752 (no errors)

Trying to apply SUPEE-10752, but I'm having a hard time decoding what it's saying. I don't see any hunks failing, and no files are modified (new or updates to existing). Any idea what the issue could ...
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Magento Admin Session Issue after install SUPEE-10570

We use Magento 1.7 and recently installed patch SUPEE-10570v2. After that when we use admin, some time it's session out and redirect to the front-end home page(not admin login page). Please let me ...
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Is security patch SUPEE-10570 compatible for Magento Enterprise Edition

I have Magento Enterprise Edition installed. So do i need to apply security patch SUPEE-10570? Is it compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition
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SUPEE-10570 buggy patch 500 error after enabled compiler Magento

I am having issue with this new SUPEE-10570 pathch, when I compile after installing the patch. It gives 500 error on customer login, cart and checkout. This issue not appear if compilation is disabled....
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670 views to Upgrade Broke Cart & Checkout for Logged in Customers After Compilation

We just upgraded from to and getting a blank page when trying to access the cart or add products to it. This happens for logged in customers only and only when compilation is turned on....
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SUPEE-10570 and Foreign Key Constraint Error

Last night I installed SUPEE 10570 and today we're seeing numerous errors in our Celigo connector that syncs item updates from NetSuite over to Magento via Web Services. In particular, it's failing ...
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500 error after apply SUPEE-10570 patch in magento enabled complier [duplicate]

My magento version is ver. We saw a blank page at /checkout/cart after applying SUPEE-10570 and compiling. Just to clarify: With deactivated compiler all things went well, with activated ...
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SUPEE-10570 + CE 1.7.00 [duplicate]

I'm trying to install the version of the patch from this page: The patch file is called ...
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Security Patch SUPEE-10570 - Possible issues?

Magento has released a new security patch for M1, and updates for M1 and M2. What issues should I look out for when upgrading or applying this patch? SUPEE-10570 SUPEE-10570, Magento Commerce 1....
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