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Unrecognized REST API order created

We have noticed a new order created in the admin which has come from the REST API. (Order was automatically cancelled) We have nothing running that creates orders in this way and the IP country and ...
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IP address banned due to Magento SPAM mails. Need solution for this

What happens after a website gets spammed like mine (17,000+ bounce back emails) and 170000+ fake users which means 170000 emails were sent out over a year. Now IP address seems banned by some big ...
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Adobe spam popup on my admin dashboard is bugging me

Since a few weeks i'm getting more and more spam on the admin dashboard from adobe, auto-installed and everything. It started with polls on the right side taking all the space and impossible to delete....
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Magento 2 How to stop spam / fake customers

I have a lot of spam customers registered even I have already enabled Captcha validation on Customer creation form, but I wonder why there are still many fake / junk customers registered everyday. ...
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How to detect Spam Bot list on magento 2

I've found this module which prevent spam bot on magento 2. But i've a question: i don't know how this spam bot list work. How do we know what's the name of the spam bot and put it in this list so ...
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Magento 1.9 newsletter spam

How to prevent bots creating fake subscibers to newsletter list ? They are making direct GET / POST requests to /customer/account/create/ and /newsletter/subscriber/new/ "GET /customer/account/create/...
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Magento2: How to avoid fake registration?

How to avoid fake registration? I have added google ReCaptcha. But getting the same issue. Please help me
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