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How to setup magento 2 when shipping fee is charged for each warehouse (source)

We are considering how to setup magento 2 when shipping fee is charged for each warehouse (source) . One type of product is basically assigned to one warehouse in our system. But, if you buy multiple ...
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REST api & sourceId

There are many REST endpoints that require passing a sourceId parameter. Where do I get the value for sourceId?
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how to locate source code of page in admin panel

how can i locate any exact source code page to change content . for example how can i locate Customers --> All Customers --> then select one customer then press edit --> how can i found this ...
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CSS Source Maps are empty after grunt refresh

On Magento 2.4.1, Developer Mode and SSR after running grunt clean grunt exec grunt less # OR grunt refresh Generated Source Maps looks like this {"version":3,"sources":[],"...
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Unassigning a source on a product programmatically in Magento 2's MSI

In the admin for a product, you can assign and unassign sources for a product (as seen below). How to programmatically unassign a source from a product?
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Magento 2.3.1 How to display source or stock name on product page ? MSI Multii Source Inventory

How to display source or stock name and code on the product page? Where is information about a current stock or source name? Can I use the code from Sourceitem.php on the Product page? public ...
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How can I set Source Priority for Source Selection Algorithm in Magento MSI (Multi Stock Inventory)?

I have been exploring MSI. I came across the "Source Selection Algorithm" when creating a shipment. It has two options: "Distance priority" "Source priority" When I select "source priority" ...
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