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Only one row data is showing repeteadly in magento admin custom extension after upgrade to 2.4.6

I have one custom extension named jes.It was working fine in 2.4.0 version.In adminhtml the data is showing repeatedly. Like if there are 8 rows of different id then in 8 rows same data is shown. When ...
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Add "SortOrder" and "PageSize" Parameters(criteria) in get a category's products REST API

I need to sort the result of the category's products GET REST API by the product's position in the category. The API is like this: /rest/V1/categories/[category-id]/products And here is a sample ...
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Ajax call to inline grid text field from block grid

I have created the block grid in admin product edit page section, I have added a text field in that grid column using below addcolumn method. $this->addColumn( 'position', [ ...
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Can we update Product Position in Category with CSV in M2?

Can we update products position with csv in Category ? If yes than please share share any sample or example. Thanks
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Change position of custom column in order view item table magento 2

I want to change display order of my newly added column in order view in Magento 2. i have tried bellow code in Vendor/Module/view/adminhtml/layout/sales_order_view.xml but it wont work. <?xml ...
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Magento 2 product collection category filter category position sort

Hi i am trying to get product collection with category filter and category position sorting but it not working i tried below way $collection = $this->_productCollectionFactory->create(); ...
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Category Products - Sort By Newest

Since upgrading to Magento 2.4x and having to use ElasticSearch as default, I am unable to find a way to sort category products by newest (created_at). I have tried enabling used_in_sort_by for ...
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Magento 2 - Sort by Brand and Position?

Is it possible to sort by A the Brand alphabetically and then B by Position Programmatically.
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Magento 2.3.2 - Products with same position in category sorting issue?

We recently migrated a store from M1 to M2.3 - the site has thousands of products and hundreds of categories. Within each category, there are several instances whereby more than one product has the ...
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How to sort product by position, if every product has same position?

I read somewhere that if all product has same position it will sort by product id, but I don't think its sorting by Id. Here are a few screenshots I am sharing which I am sorting by position problem ...
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Magento2.3.0 In which file attribute sort order set for layer navigation left side on product list page?

I am using Magneto2.3.0 in which the file attribute sort order set for layered navigation, left side on product list page/category page ? If any one idea how it is working in Magento default please ...
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How to update position of many products programmatically magento 2

I have inserted 4000 products and now our client want the inverse order so how to reorder them programatically? any help please
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