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Attribute with this code is not super in row(s) - Confirmed global setting and assigned to attribute set

I created the parent (super) and used the 'create configuration' to choose the attribute and create the children. My skus are long, could this be causing the problem (i.e. 083-000022-Chartreuse Lime ...
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After Increase SKU Size to 255 Saleable Qunatity does not displayed anywhere?

I Have Increased Sku character length to 255 in database as well in validation But After Increase in size when sku character length increase to 160 the salesable qunatity is not displayed including ...
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Upgraded to Magento 2.4.5-p1. Our SKUs are 13 digits. Search won't return anything unless SKU length is 9 or less. Any ideas?

Search won't return anything unless SKU length is 9 or less. Any ideas ?
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increase length of sku | magento2

in magento2 the length of sku is set in file module-catalog/Model/Product/Attribute/Backend/Sku.php const SKU_MAX_LENGTH = 64; how to increase the length of the sku in magento2? here is the class: &...
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