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Magento2: How to convert weight unit to grams from kg?

I have a website in Magento2. Mageto2 provides product weight unit in KG, how an I convert it into unit Gram. I want to change the product weight unit from KG to Gram how it is possible ?.
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Magento 1.9.2. - (Configurable) Sort collection of associated products by attribute value position

I tried with multiple codes to try and sort the collection of associated products based on the position of the attribute value but without success. With my foreach in the product page I have pulled ...
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Stop swatches from loading images on product detail [closed]

I have two swatches.. color and size. Is there a way to stop the size swatches from reloading the picture of the product and keep the color swatch working as usual? Ty!
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How to Change Weight Unit in Magento 2 for Migrated Products

I have recently migrated my store from OpenCart. I have around 2700+ products. In OpenCart Grams as unit was available but not available in Magento 2. Is there any non-programing option available to ...
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How to change other values along with size change?

When I change the size of configurable product, its price is changing. But along with that, I need to change the attribute value and other information as in the following image also. How can we do ...
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Selling Products by Linear Meter and Square Meter

Question: What is the best way to allow the user to purchase by linear meter? Context: My company is putting together a basic Magento 2.2.2 store for a client (this is the first time we have worked ...
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