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Sebwite category side bar Link showing error 404

I installed the Sebwite side-bar category extension successfully for the project, I'm currently working on and it is showing perfectly on the front end. I created a separate root category for the ...
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catalog_product_view.xml is loading from vendor folder, instead of theme folder

I'm trying to remove the category title & category images from category view page. However, when i edit the catalog_product_view.xml from the (Infortis Ultimo) theme folder app/design/frontend/...
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Categories not displaying in responsive side menu

I'm making a custom navbar, and I've moved the 'catalog.topnav' block into my custom navigation. The problem is, is that some of the sections and categories on the responsive side menu are not ...
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How to create page with left sidebar In magento 2.1.15?

I want to create page or block with sidebar. if I click customer service then I want to see customer service info etc. 2nd Image : 3rd Image:
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How to set whole website as 2 column left in magento 2?

I have installed magento2 and created the categories. I need to show all categories on left hand side vertically and all the content on right hand side? Is that can be done? I am able to remove all ...
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How to get sidemenu based on category id in magento 1.9?

I am working on Porto theme and on Magento -1.9.1 version website On the homepage, I am getting my category menu at left side. On this page, i want to add subcategory slider section also. For that ...
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