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Hook into "order shipped" event and get order id for order shipped

I have created a module that hooks into the sales_order_shipment_save_after event. I have tested the hook is working with Mage::log, My question is, how do I get the order id for the shipment that ...
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2 answers

Custom Shipping Carrier Not Showing Up For getCarriers Method

I have created a custom shipping module with a custom carrier, however, the custom carrier is not showing up when grabbing the carriers... To Grab the carriers I am using the following snippet $...
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2 votes
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Two Estimate Shipping blocks on cart page for two different addresses

I'd love to have two "Estimate Shipping and Tax" blocks: One to display domestic rates to a default address. This one would have no form and would be displayed at all times. The other to estimate ...
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Admin Custom Shipping Rate

I need to ship overseas and use USPS(whose shipping API I am yet to test) and some other carriers that don't have APIs for quoting shipping rates. There used to be a module that allowed setting a ...
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Exclude custom options from shipping and tax calculations

Is there any way to exclude custom options with prices from shipping and tax calculations without the need for a custom module? Just seeing if anyone out there has done this without too much effort. ...
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5 votes
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How to configure multiple table rate and multiple type shipping?

I am using magento 1.7. I am failing to configure multiple table rates with multiple types of shipping and I don't want to buy any extensions. Mainland UK Estimated Delivery Postage & ...
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Custom shipping calculation returns wrong price only while editing order in backend [closed]

I build a custom module for shipping that has several price options. It works well in frontend. But when we need to edit an order already placed in admin, I can't get the custom prices. It always ...
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How to get Fedex module quote to match Fedex’s website quotes?

I’m having a little bit of trouble trying to get the Fedex shipping module to match the List Prices that Fedex is giving me when I use their website on our company’s account. I’m using the same ...
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Onepage checkout: how to start checkout from shipping method?

I have several shipping methods. And each method has own rates. But I cannot get it while the user enters his address. I would like to get all active shipping methods and their rates. After user ...
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Shipping weights - Metric vs English

We currently are setting up several stores, one of the stores needs to use the metric system and one needs to use the English system for weights... Where can I specify Metric for one and English for ...
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