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Tracking and items ordered missing from shipment email in Magento 2.4

I've created a module to notify the customer when a custom carrier has been added. I've used an observer on the sales_order_shipment_save_after event but the tracking info and items ordered are empty ...
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Error in Shipment Email in magento 2 when creating programmatically

I created the shipment programmatically. Shipment is created and email is not sending. I am getting the following error. I followed RAKESH JESADIYA's this tutorial for this task. main.CRITICAL: Error:...
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Where do I find the text and links used for Transactional emails?

I've configured our Magento 2 transactional emails, they are sending correctly and content is mostly correct. We use Royal Mail for most shipping and the Magento order shipment is automatically ...
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Is it possible to change "Shipment Email" settings so that emails are sent out one by one with a 5-second delay?

If we make a "Print shipping label" for several shipments at once, then Magento sends "Shipment Email" to all these customers at once. The terms of our service provider do not ...
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Magento 2 : Product price issue in order shipment email

In magento 2 order shipment email I have applied a change For "US" there the product price in shipment email should be (with out tax) & for rest of the store it would be with tax I have ...
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Magento 2 : shipment email

I've created partially shipment functionality in magento2 now the problem is when i send the shipment email i got the every shipment traking id for that particular order but i want that particular ...
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Not getting email when creating shipment through API in magento 2

I am using API call to create order shipment. $ch = curl_init("https://store-url/index.php/rest/all/V1/order/17168/ship"); It creates the shipment but not sending shipment email. Please ...
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Magento Email templates, new shipment

I am new with Magento and I would like to configure new shipment emails, but I am having a problem with it. I created a new email template like the one below: {{template config_path="design/email/...
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Tracking info empty in shipment email in Magento 2

I have created a shipment by adding Tacking info. I am getting the shipment email with empty Tacking info. Next time if i click on "send Tracking Information. Then I will get the tracking info in ...
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Magento2 how to display additional custom total value in shipment email

I have added a new custom cart total (e.g. Extra Fee) in my current project. I made it display on almost every page, email and pdf files. However, I can't able to find a way to display it in the ...
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